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Erika Eleniak gives head after pussy playing

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

You may have the hots for her while she’s burnin’ up campfires in Baywatch but Erika Eleniak has more than just the curves and bouncy tits in bikinis when she’s indoors. She’s strip down for you, spread those fine stems and reveal that wet cunt that she enjoys playing with while being filmed by one of her naughty co-stars. She puts on a show once in a while just to keep them warm especially on winter time when snow builds up outside the studio and they get stuck inside the buildings for hours, doing nothing but drink stale coffee. Eleniak used her hard earned figure, which she worked her ass off to maintain for her sexy appearances on TV shows and turned it into another passion of hers, straight into the adult industry.

Hot and naughty Erika Eleniak masturbates and blows on stiff cock

Nothing wasted here as she’s been using all her muscles, keeping fit, while doing things what she love and enjoy. Having her cunt stretched using her fingers and her mouth using her lover’s thick boner, she believes that this is the only thing she’d need to stay slim and no more of those tiring visits to the gym and deal with icky sweaty fitness equipments. She’d rather do all the work in the comforts of her own home, completely free to do whatever in the nude and get her daily cum fix after giving some lucky jock a sloppy deepthroat that makes her gag all the time but still ends up enjoying and craving for more anyways.

Erika Eleniak in hardcore interracial gang bang

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Wild interracial gang bang

These horny men know how to return a favor each time Erika Eleniak saves their ass while out on the sea. Her Baywatch tits and pussy were all they wanted and looking dumb as fuck, pretending to drown in the water just to be saved, is their only way to get her into the same room with them for a nice party filled with overflowing gratitude. Eleniak never brings down any offer to have fun in gatherings like this and she’s equipped with a wet cunt, fit to serve a handful of BBCs and some white meat on one go. She enjoys sucking on them too and getting drenched with their cum after rounds of exhausting rough thrusts in her holes.

From Playboy Playmate to Baywatch Babe

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

hot erika eleniak naked

While Erika Eleniak made her film debut in E.T. The Extraterrestrial wherein she played Elliot’s innocent kissing partner, this juicy actress became a TV celebrity through rather less G-rated means. She has been acting since her teens,this  California girl and Playboy Playmate made her name as one of the babes guarding the beaches on the TV hit Baywatch, wherein she got the chance to show off her big titties. After several seasons on the show and two Baywatch TV movies, Eleniak left the series for more work in feature films.

hot erika eleniak cleavage

Though she starred as Steven Seagal’s impromptu (and yet so underdressed) helper in his well-received action hit Under Siege and then as one of the upwardly mobile southern redneck transplants in The Beverly Hillbillies, Erika’s subsequent features were not able to match her box office success with Seagal. She also did Chasers and the romantic fantasy A Pyromaniac’s Love Story, the very shaggable actress worked steadily in B-films and television movies, playing starring roles in the horror flick Tales From the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood, Heatwave and One Hot Summer Night, and action movies The Pandora Project  and Stealth Fighter. Erika Eleniak is of Ukrainian, Estonian and German descent.

hot erika eleniak butt

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